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Bartending Services

Our experienced, professional and TABC licensed bartenders will staff your event in style! We not only provide amazing drinks...but also exemplary customer service! We offer a variety of bartending packages to suit your taste and budget. We pride ourselves on our professionalism but also have a lot of fun in the process, creating an event that is both fun & memorable!

Private Parties

When it comes to private parties, we believe that we are a reflection of our hosts and hostesses. We ensure each guest receives a high level of service, feels special, and has a wonderful time during the celebration. Each event is served by an elite team of mixologists and bartenders, combining for many years of experience behind the bar. We consider ourselves craftsmen, dedicated to the art of the perfect party.


We believe every wedding should be unique and special; just like the couple being celebrated. Your bar at your wedding reception will be the centerpiece for creating an incredible party. Instead of simply making drinks, we set a tone of excitement, create a feeling of luxury, and serve your guests a variety of impressionable beverages, all handcrafted and handpicked specifically for you.

Corporate Events

Deals are done over our cocktails. Whether your intent is to charm investors over a couple of margaritas, crown a banner year by popping champagne, or appreciate your colleagues’ hard work with a few bottles of craft beer; we’ll take care of everything for you. Our professional staff specializes in creating receptions that are a step beyond expectations, while helping to keep your team focused and professional. 

Pick Up Services

Don't want the hassle of having to schlep all those bottles to your event? No problem...We'll do it for you! We don't supply the liquor or alcohol for your event, but we do offer pick up services with some of our packages. Rest assured your liquor will make it to your venue of choice, safe, sound and on time!

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